Remarkables Park is a popular destination for both locals and visitors who enjoy getting together and relaxing in its landscaped courtyards and plazas while still appreciating its wide open spaces and mountain views.

The dramatic seasonal colour palette of Queenstown is reflected in the garden planting at Remarkables Park.  In spring, with bulbs and tree blossom that emerge to mark the coming warm weather; in the summer, through numerous overflowing colourful hanging baskets, trees of different colours and delightful gardens; in autumn, there is an emphasis on the dramatic yellow, gold, red and orange leaves of the region; in winter when pansies provide colour to the snow-covered landscape.


AUTUMN 2014 at Remarkables Park

At Remarkables Park we work hard to maintain our landscaping year round, and ensure our planting is suitable and reflective of the season. Here is what you can look forward to seeing at Remarkables Park during autumn/winter 2014:

The many deciduous trees in Remarkables Park have put on a spectacular show; the Claret Ashes in The Plaza turning a brilliant deep red and the Liquidambars are all shades of oranges, reds and yellows.

Planted in the garden beds outside H&J Smith’s are mixed shades of blue, purple and cream Pansies called ‘Winter Waterfalls’ planted amongst these are Narcissus ‘Earlicheer’ (a beautifully fragrant, creamy yellow, spring flowering Jonquil). In the garden beds above there are a mixture of blue, purple and cream shades of Polyanthus.

The new entrance beds to the shopping centre are filled with ‘Morpho’, a lavender pansy with a pale yellow eye. In spring we will see a show of yellow tulips amongst these.

Outside ASB are a pink and red mixture of pansies called ‘Persian Surprise’ with Cineraria ‘Silverdust’ planted between them and the Heuchera ‘Deep Secret’.


Best wishes


Mike Hawthorne

(Landscape Manager)

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