Why Lease or Invest in Remarkables Park?

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider playing an active part in the development of retail or residential opportunities at Remarkables Park.

Central location, location, location!

Remarkables Park is located at the geographical centre of Queenstown's urban area.  It enjoys easy and convenient access via car, public transport - bus and proposed ferry service - and bike.  Remarkables Park is close to all major arterial roads, the Queenstown Airport, and Queenstown's downtown centre is only a 10 minutes drive away.


Established Retail Destination

Attracting approximately 3 million visitors per year, Remarkables Park Town Centre includes 65 businesses, many of New Zealand's national brand anchor stores.  Come and be part of a dynamic local town centre with its diversity of national brand retail and office businesses.


Exceptional Architecture and Urban Design

Remarkables Park celebrates the elements of the rich character of Central Otago, and New Zealand, as well as hallmarks of successful international resorts, in its urban design and architecture.  The outstanding natural landscape provides stunning views of surrounding mountains and rivers.


 Increasing Population

Queenstown is one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand.  Remarkables Park has an eventual population capacity for 12,000 residents.


Car Parking

Remarkables Park provides easily accessible, free store front car parking.  Further expansion will continue to deliver attractively landscaped easily accessed car parking.


Solar Maximization

Remarkables Park has been designed take full advantage of extensive sunshine hours and protection from winter elements.  Remarkables Park is one of Queenstown's sunniest winter destinations. 


Planned Expansion

At Remarkables Park there is a growing diversity of businesses and shop retailers creating exciting new stores complementing the best of international design in one of New Zealand's most attractive and vibrant shopping centres. 


Quality Lifestyle

Remarkables Park stimulates the senses through its engagement with the surrounding environment.  Planned events and attractions will continue to provide engagement and surprise at every turn.


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